Bycool Evaporative Systems

Being different from conventional Air Conditioning, Bycool uses one of the most natural principles to cool the air:

-When a liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat-

Bycool Dirna evaporative systems are based in the same principle.
The hot air from outside passes through a wet filter where the water is evaporated absorbing the heat and cooling the air.
The cooled and fresh air flows as a breeze over your body, so your skin gets cool quickly in an absolutely natural way.
Bycool Dirna evaporative systems improve the general conditions of comfort and consumes just a little energy.

Constant, fresh and renewed air will make disappeared your heat sensation

is the only Company in the market that is able to offer evaporative systems for every application that can exist in the market as Trucks, Off Road Machinery, Agricultural Vehicles, Caravans and Motor homes and Vans.
Dirna´s evaporative range is the widest in the market and consists in 4 models to be installed in the vehicle´s roof hatch (Evolution, Flat, Revolution, Camper ) and one model to be installed in the vehicles back wall (Mochila).
Bycool systems are able to work when the vehicle´s engine is off and when it is on, so the engine of the vehicle is protected.
It can be used during loading operations and to rest or sleep inside the cab. Bycool is absolutely ecological because it they avoid idling the engine of the vehicle and avoids the expenses of using fuel.
They only consume water.
With Dirna´s evaporative Bycool you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean and constantly renewed and oxygenated air during day and night in an absolutely natural way which will allow you to work more comfortable.

With Bycool Dirna evaporative systems you will enjoy the most comfort

Sistemas evaporativos Bycool