Terms & Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Delivery

All deliveries shall be ex-warehouse and do not include carriage or insurance.

The insurance of goods shall be made when the Purchaser requires it in writing. Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. includes on the invoices the amount corresponding the carrying of goods that shall be paid by the Purchaser, and the risk in these goods shall pass to the Purchaser upon delivery to carrier and Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. shall not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

Any loss, damage or delay shall be claimed to the carrier.

No returns of goods shall be accepted after three days since delivery, and in any case there shall be the prior written consent of Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. The purchaser shall not issue any invoice charged to Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. Once return is writing accepted by Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. a credit note shall be issued. At least a 10% of the value of goods shall be deducted in concept of packaging and expert’s fee. 


Taxes not included.

Methods of Payment

If there is no Credit Account, the method of payment shall be by cheque or by bank transfer prior to delivery of goods.

To maintain a Credit Account with Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U., the Purchaser must agree with these General Terms and shall fulfill all data shown on Credit Account Opening application form, banking account number and address included.

PAYMENT shall be due on or before thirtieth day from date of invoice by negotiable receipt accepted in a Credit Entity or bank transfer. 

Any other payment term resulting on a delay on due date shall support a charge in favour of Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. equivalent to 1% monthly. Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. shall have to agree in writing these proposed terms.


Any unpaid receipt shall revoke the Credit Account and Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. may start legal steps. 

The above mentioned 1% monthly shall be applicable and expenditures caused by the unpaid receipt shall be charged to the Purchaser.

No variation or modification of these terms shall be valid or effective unless Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. agrees in writing to such variation or modification signed by one authorized manager from Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U

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