The warranty for air conditioning equipment supplied by Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. is valid for two years and is available for goods with defective performance or with manufacturing defects.

The warranty period for A/C kits in industrial vehicles is 12 months. This warranty covers the replacement or repairing, depending on Dirna Bergstrom’s determination, for those parts affected. This warranty shall not cover labor costs, travel costs or gas refilling.

This warranty shall not be valid when the reported faults are as a consequence of inadequate usage or substitutions made without our agreement. The same applies when the equipment or its parts had been handled, repaired or dismounted by staff not authorized by Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. For the validity of this warranty it is essential to fill completely the warranty form in which shall appear the installer’s sign and seal, having mentioned form to be sent to Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U. before 15 days since mounting date. The warranty form shall be shown to Dirna Bergstrom’s authorized staff.

The installer / seller is liable against the customer or final user that the installation has been done following accurately all the instructions contained in the kit for its mounting and that the user receives the warranty properly filled up as well as the use, conservation and maintenance manual of the kit.

Warranty for Spare Parts

Warranty shall be valid for 90 days since packing list date. Wrong usage or wrong handling excepted.

Fittings Guarantee

Exclusively limited to the replenishment or the total amount reimburse, in case of manufacture faulty.

Warranty Procedure

The Purchaser shall deliver prepaid the supposed faulty part to Dirna Bergstrom, S.L.U.: c/ Francisco Alonso, 6 • 28806 Alcalá de Henares • MADRID. This delivery shall include a copy of the warranty form or copy of the customer invoice and a description of the defect observed. Once accepted the warranty by Dirna Bergstrom’s Technical Department the good affected shall be replaced or repaired free, depending on Dirna Bergstrom’s Technical Department determination.

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