Facelift of COMPACT units

7 April 2016

The COMPACT is the most veteran Parking Cooler. When it was launched to the market 10 years ago, it was the first compact and precharged electrical air conditioning unit. Since then it has been modified and improved continuously.

Now, in april of 2016, new versions of the different COMPACT models will be launched with the following improvements:

  • Internal air ducting system: the current foam parts will be replaced by one plastic part
  • Air distribution panel: the COMPACT units will be equipped with a panel which looks like the one of the SlimFIT unit
  • There will be a direct connection wiring between the roof unit and electronic control.


These modifications will be applied to the following products:

  • COMPACT 1.4 (24V)
  • COMPACT 3.0 (24V)
  • Note: this facelift will NOT be available for MAN and VOLVO trucks for the time being.

The advantages of these modifications are the following:

  • New modern aesthetics
  • Direct access to the electronic control for service
  • Improved protection of the electronic control
  • Easier installation through the direct connection wiring

You can find the technical documentation and the user manuals on our web www.dirna.com: Installation, troubleshooting, spare parts and user manuals. Please go to the product section, in this case "Compact”, and then to "Downloads”. The documentation of the products before the introduction of the facelift is available under "Downloads (Previous Versions)” and the documentation of the products after the introduction of the facelift can be found under "Downloads (Current Versions)”.

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