At Dirna Bergstrom, our main priority is to ensure all customer requirements are met with outstanding quality and service. This will allows us to serve our European customers at the highest level while continuing to build our position in this field worldwide.

Quality Certifications

Environmental Protection

Dirna Bergstrom is constantly working on the development of innovative new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of the trucking industry. Our innovative designs and line of No-Idle Electric A/C units are battery-powered, contributing to environmental protection by preventing atmospheric emissions of CO2 and reducing fuel consumption.

We are a pioneer in Spain in the application of environmental regulations of reconverted contaminating gases CFC to the current R134A, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Industry.

As a result of our work, Dirna Bergstrom received honorable mention at the Gallery of Innovation at the Trade Show MOTORTEC 2009 / Madrid for the ecological design of the Compact 3.0 Night & Day.

Nowadays, Dirna Bergstrom S.L.stands out for its activities in the field of training and for organizing courses of the Training Program 5 about fluorinated gases.

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