Identify your unit

How can I identify my unit?

The fastest and easiest way to identify your unit is as follows:

Once you do this, the display of your unit will show a code composed of a number and a letter.

The correspondence between the code obtained and your unit model is as follows: 

COMPACT 1.4 (24V)
E +  
+ E 
b +  
+ b
COMPACT 1.4V (12V) H + nº
COMPACT 3.0 (24V)
F +  
nº + F
L +  
nº + L 
c + nº
nº + c
LITE (24V)
r +
nº + r 
P + nº

* Letter is always the same ("E","b","H","F","L","c","r" or "P"). The only thing that changes is the code number.

Click on the model in the table to access all the information about it.

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