No-Idle Electrical A/C

Our range of standalone no-idle electrical A/C units was designed in response to the increasing demand for air conditioning systems powered by compressors with the engine switched off. This makes the units the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin as well as loading and unloading operations and compulsory stoppage periods.

Fuel savings

As an electrical compressor system, the engine does not need to be turned on during use, which dramatically reduces fuel expenses and results in a more comfortable and proper rest inside the cab during the hot summer months.

The same occurs during loading and unloading operations of goods during the day, when our standalone air conditioning systems are used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin.

100% Ecological

By preventing atmospheric emissions of CO2, the no-idle electrical A/C systems help reduce the environmental impact of trucking. All units are compatible with the requirements of the North American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as with EU regulations on anti-idling in haulage vehicles (Parking Coolers).

No-Idle Electrical A/C products include:

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