Mochila is an evaporative cab cooler with maximum efficiency designed for vehicles that require a rear wall installation. It is ideal for cooling the cabin while resting or loading and unloading operations.

The design of this unit makes it ideal for car transporter trucks and other vehicles that require rear installation.



  • Completely electrical
  • Saves fuel: only consumes water
  • 100% environmentally friendly – by shutting the engine off during
    operation, drivers prevent atmospheric emissions of CO
  • Comfortable rest in the vehicle cab, which contributes to road safety
  • Installation without touching the vehicle engine
  • Operational with engine switched ON or OFF


  • Installation at the rear wall
  • Two water tanks, one integrated into the unit and one exterior tank with capacity of 27 liters of water
  • The active carbon filters make the air inside the cab free of dust, pollen and particles in suspension
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Remote control by radio-frequency (RF)
  • Electric control panel
  • Available in 12V or 24V.

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  • Car transporter trucks,
    cranes, cabins with excess height,
    American cabins or cabins without a hatch.
  • Available in 12V or 24V

Mochila ADR

  • Hazardous goods transport road
  • Available in 24V
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  • Keep always open 1cm of one of the windows of the cabin.
  • Fill up the water tank with tap water.
  • The blower position must be of the same color that the position of the pump.
  • It is IMPORTANT to think about the maintenance of the units: the fungicide tap has to be replaced every year and the humidity filter every 2 years. This under usual using conditions, otherwise the maintenance frequencies must be shorter.

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Mounting Instructions Mochila (12V) 0910510000 STANDARD
User Manual Mochila (12V) 0910510000 STANDARD
Troubleshooting Manual Mochila (12V) 0910510000 STANDARD
Spare Parts Mochila (12V) 0910510000 STANDARD
Mounting Instructions Mochila (24V) 0910500000 STANDARD
User Manual Mochila (24V) 0910500000 STANDARD
Troubleshooting Manual Mochila (24V) 0910500000 STANDARD
Spare Parts Mochila (24V) 0910500000 STANDARD
Mounting Instructions Mochila ADR (24V) 091050ADR0 STANDARD
User Manual Mochila ADR (24V) 091050ADR0 STANDARD
Troubleshooting Manual Mochila ADR (24V) 091050ADR0 STANDARD
Spare Parts Mochila ADR (24V) 091050ADR0 STANDARD
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