Dirna Bergstrom launches a new line of air conditioning equipment onto the market, intended for the “Heavy duty” segment.

27 January 2020

Especially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions of dust, pressure or impact, in such demanding sectors as mining, construction, farming and earth moving.

In this line of equipment we can find solutions for every need, from "all-in-one” equipment such as the Integral Power II to modular equipment that adapts perfectly to each cab, such as the Dual Power II and Flex Power II models.

The first model to see the light is the Integral Power II, the second generation of this independent roof system model. The equipment has a built-in electric compressor that is supplied directly from the vehicle battery. It is the ideal solution when there is no source air conditioning, when reinforcement of the existing air conditioning is required or also for situations that need an additional air system that operates with the engine stopped.

This equipment reaches 3400W of power (in its 24V version) thanks to a powerful built-in compressor used by the Bergstrom Group, which has already sold over 100,000 units.

It is available in several versions operating at 12V and 24V in manual and automatic models.

The automatic model incorporates additional functions such as a remote control, digital thermometer with temperature control and double battery protection. The Integral Power II also has several versions designed for different types of cab with and without hatch.

Among the modular versions we find two options: the "Dual” system, which is made up of two units (Compressor / condenser + evaporator) and the "Flex” system in which the compressor, condenser and evaporator are independent units.

Like their companion in the range, these two systems are able to reach 3400W of power in the 24V version and 2500W in the 12V version.

This equipment is designed and manufactured in Spain under the quality standards required by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

With this series of equipment that is easy and quick to install the aim is to contribute to maximum driver comfort, maintaining a pleasant temperature in the cab while saving fuel (operating with the engine stopped) and reducing C02 emissions to the atmosphere.

Dirna Bergstrom, with almost 40 years experience in the air conditioning industry, is a leading company in the design and manufacture of cab air conditioning systems for heavy goods lorries, Off-Road machinery and special vehicles.

Consult your usual workshop or ask for information from your nearest distributor at www.dirna.com or by calling +34 91 8770510

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