200.000 Parking Coolers manufactured

29 September 2017

DIRNA BERGSTROM has achieved a very important milestone: 200.000 Parking Coolers manufactured.

Behind this number there is a long history. Back in 2000 DIRNA produced the first evaporative systems used for cooling truck cabins during driver’s rest. As they were powered from the vehicle battery, it was not necessary to have the engine idling in order to keep the cab cool and this represented an important fuel saving. The market demand raised and the production increase expontentially. Some years later the Parking Cooler as an air conditioning unit with electrical compressors was created. DIRNA was a pioneer in this development and launched the first compact roof unit pre-charged with refrigerant in 2006. The compressor technology became predominant and had an important growth in the following years.

DIRNA BERGSTROM continues on the path of innovation and develops new models while optimizing existing ones. The product which has been built on the production line as the number 200.000 is a SlimFIT. This model was launched in 2014 and has become the company’s bestseller. With a very aerodynamic design, it is the lowest compact Parking Cooler in the market. This allows its installation on trucks with high cabs complying with the height restrictions.

"We are the market leader in Europe and will keep innovating in order to consolidate this position”, said Richard Gravenhorst, Commercial Director of DIRNA BERGSTROM.

With more than 35 years of experience in the climate control industry, DIRNA BERGSTROM is a leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles.

For more information about Dirna Bergstrom, visit www.dirna.com or contact Jan Kerstiens at jkerstiens@dirna.bergstrominc.com.

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