Lean Manufacturing at Dirna Bergstrom

3 August 2016

Dirna Bergstrom has been applying the continuous improvement philosophy for years. One of the projects of this year has had the goal to improve productivity. It has been rolled out at the assembly line of Parking Coolers where mainly the models Compact and SlimFIT are produced. Through the application of Lean Manufacturing methods all the waste of the process has been eliminated. This affects all elements which don’t contribute directly to the value like for example waiting times, transport, overproduction or product defects.

Noemí Caicoya, Process Engineer at Dirna Bergstrom, gives an overview of the results: "We have redesigned the whole process, including material flow, subassemblies and balancing of cycle times. In this way we have achieved an important improvement of productivity which has allowed us to face the increased demand of this year without adding resources.”

"Motivation of personnel has been a key factor”, underlines Julio Ortiz, Production Manager at Dirna Bergstrom. He highlights that the employees of the production line maintain the system alive day by day with their inputs, e.g. during the daily meetings held directly at the production line. "All employees have been participating actively from the very first moment making this project a success”, tells Ortiz.

The next step will be to apply the same methodology and tools to others processes and areas of the company.

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