Dirna Bergstrom was created in 1980 as Dirna, S.A., a manufacturer of evaporative systems for agricultural vehicles. The product at the time was called Bycool. The company soon began manufacturing air conditioning systems for all kinds of vehicles and has since evolved into the top company in air conditioning designs for industrial vehicles in Europe.

In 2000 Dirna, S.A. purchased Mitchell, S.A., a John E. Mitchell Co. (Dallas, USA) subsidiary which was widely recognized as a pioneer in the development of air conditioning systems for vehicles in Spain. As an air conditioning OE manufacturer, Mitchell, S.A., took part in supply projects to OEM as Renault (Chausson) and Ford (Almusafes). In Nov. 2009, the two companies merged brands under the name Dirna S.A.

During the recent years, the comfort, safety and environment requests for industrial and road vehicles together with the developments of no-idling parking cooler products (Bycool Range) has given an outstanding international presence to Dirna S.A.

In Feb. 2013, Dirna S.A. was purchased by Bergstrom Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles based in Rockford (Illinois - EE.UU). Since then the company name has changed to Dirna Bergstrom S.L.


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